Online Roulette Guide

Online Roulette is a game based purely on luck, so for Australian players who like their strategy to be focused on betting rather than gameplay, this is the iconic classic for you. In fact, what are particularly great about this casino game is the in-depth betting options, where you can go for the 1 to 1 payouts for an excitingly low 2.70% with a single green zero pocket, and 5.26% with a double zero pocket. The casino community considers this classic an essential addition to a virtual lobby. Because the wagering minimums are lower than in a land-based casino, you don’t have to wait in line to play, and you don’t have to travel to play. Online Roulette is available in all Australian online casinos we recommend, because we think it’s essential too.

Roulette Basics

The object of the game is to “guess” which pocket on the wheel the ball is going to land. Whether you are playing French, American, European, Multi-ball, Multi-wheel, or mini Roulette, the object of the game remains consistent. You guess where the ball is going to land by placing bets on the different section of the table felt, which are separated by the inside and outside betting areas. You will notice that almost half the numbers are black, almost half the numbers are red, and there will be either one green or two green zero pockets depending on the variation. The outside betting area is where you can bet that the ball will land on almost half the wheel, or almost a third of the wheel, for the highest odds of winning, but the lowest payouts. This is where you can use strategies, like Progressive and Fixed Betting, and also where the lowest house edge comes into play. In the inside betting area is where you can be on more specific numbers. Betting in the box of a single number is the highest payout in the game, betting on the line between two numbers is the second highest, and betting on the corner for three, four, and five numbers is another option in the inside betting area. The house edge is higher, and the chances of winning are lower, but the payouts are exceptionally high. You can place as many bets as you want in both the inside and outside betting areas as long as the total wager stays under the maximum. Once the bets are in place, you press the spin button and see if the ball lands in an area represented by one or more of your bets. If it does, you win that payout.

Midnight Tips on Online Roulette

Here at CasinoMidnight, we are all committed to giving our readers special insights into the highest level of enjoyment when it comes to an online gaming experience; it is a team effort of passion and dedication. However, at the end of each game description, we add some personal tips. Here are some for Roulette:

  1. If you like to be on the safe side, play French Roulette, because it gives you part of your wager back if the ball lands in the green zero pocket. If it is not available, play European Roulette. American Roulette is more challenging but a little bit riskier, because it has two zero pockets, which increases the house edge considerably.
  2. Where the ball lands on the wheel in the previous spin is absolutely no indication of where the ball will land on the current or next spin.
  3. There is no way to cheat the wheel.
  4. Utilize wagering systems if, and only if, you have the bankroll if there is a losing streak.
  5. Before you start playing, set a time limit on how long you bet. Set a budget, too, and stop playing when you reach it. You should do the same if you win big as well. Good luck has a reputation for running out!