Online Slots Guide

In the online casino Australian community, and in every region of the world (as far as we know), Slots are the most popular betting option. At some casinos, players choose these fascinating casino games over every other option combined. The popularity is understandable, as the game is specifically geared towards receiving high payouts that are enormous in comparison to the bets that need to be placed to win them. Rather than a 1 to 1 payout, or even a 35 to 1 payout (the highest in Roulette), you could stand to win over a million bucks instantly. We strongly believe that playing online Slots is far better than playing them in a bar or a regular betting hall. Online operators are competing against a myriad of other casinos on the web, while land-based casinos are only competing against each other. If you are not in Vegas, in Macao, or in some other gambling paradise, casinos can be thousands of kilometers away one from one another.

Slots Basics

One of the beautiful things about online Slots is that they’re easy to play, dynamic, are based completely on luck, and have unique special features like nothing else in the casino lobby. The object of the game is line up certain combinations across a line to receive a payout. The less likely a symbol combination, the higher the payout. In the classic version, you find coin play. Players set the number of coins they want to play with, the value of those coins, and spin the three or five reels. The payouts are awarded in coins, and the coin value that you bet with is the coin value of your winnings. In the 3D Slots is where players find the true breadth of modern day technology, with immersive graphics and animation that rival some of the newest video games, we’re not kidding. In 3D Slots, Australian players set the number of lines they want to play and the amount they want to value each line. The payouts come in the form of multipliers based on the value per line, so the more lines you play, the more you stand to win, and the same goes for the higher you set you value per line. 3D Slots is also where you’ll find the incredibly popular bonus games, and the very attractive Progressive Jackpots, which, while unlikely, can make you a millionaire overnight.

Midnight Tips on Online Slots

Slots can be vastly different from one another, but these tried and true tips have worked for me no matter what variation I’m going for.

  1. Check out the casino’s RTP. The higher the better. 70% or higher is essential.
  2. Always bet the maximum if it’s in your budget. If it’s not, at least play max coins and/or max lines.
  3. Try out a new Slot for free in demo practice mode before using your own money. Free gaming is one of the services that we value the most when reviewing a casino.
  4. The higher the Progressive Jackpot, the less likely you are to win it, not the other way around, despite how unintuitive it may be.
  5. Smart gamblers know to set limits, and to withdraw their winnings after a lucky streak. Because casinos have the house advantage, winning streaks can turn into losing streaks quick. Don’t go over budget!